This was a fantastic review! sounds like it was worth the wait.

I'm happy to hear that the Big Man's son is filling that void as best he can. Also surprised/relieved/etc. to hear that the energy hasn't waned. Nobody in the band (except Clemons) is exactly young, and to keep that going for a 28 song set really says something.

Speaking of which, I suppose playing a lot of the latest record is to be expected, but looking at the setlist, I was not expecting a lot of the songs on there. At this point, it'd be easy for him to type out a 15-16 "play the hits" set and be done, but "Darlington Road: was not something I would've had on my bingo card.

Just out of curiosity, did you have a favorite song on the night? maybe "Don't Play that Song?" Apologies if I missed it in the article.

Also: Any idea why Patty Scialfa wasn't performing? Setlist.fm has her marked as "absent."

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Really thorough review, Thomas, and fun to read! You captured the energy Bruce & band has had for decades....at their ages, it's amazing at what great shape they're in! And, physical conditioning is the key to what and how they're doing! Especially cool to see Nils and Miami Steve (and a Clemons fam member!) still going strong, too.

I saw the Bruce tour stop at The Summit in Houston in 1978 (I was 23), and it was as you've heard...energetic, electric, and going to, at least, midnight! That night, I wouldn't have imagined Bruce & Co. would still be going strong 45 years later!

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