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I was talking with a friend the other day about what makes a "good" pop-punk song. We tossed around all the usuals; good hook, fast, chorus you can sing along to (or at least a good dose of "oozing ahs", and angst.

To your point, most of those over lap with power pop, and Blink-182 checks 'em all. For fans of hardcore/alternative/punk dating people that might not like it, this was a band where you found common ground. I know it was in my case.

And most of all, it was relatable; they looked like us, dressed like us, and sang about the same things we were all going through. And that clearly left a mark. I have been very surprised to see my social media feeds filled with friends genuinely excited to see the original lineup return/tour.

P.S. Regarding "selling out." I think they came at just the right time. People were getting over the weird late 80s/early 90s orthodoxy about what success looked like, and I think Blink-182 didn't pay any of that much mind, anyway.

P.P.S. The Replacement's version of "Another Girl, Another Planet" is fantastic!

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